Generating Plant Performance Consultants, LLC

This is your source for a consulting engineer experienced with testing and optimization of electric power generating plant performance. Each of our consultants is a registered professional engineer with over 25 years of experience working in public electric power utilities dealing with heat rate and performance issues of large electric generating plants, including:

o  Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plants

o  Combined Cycle Power Plants

o  Co-generation Power and Process Steam Plants

o  Natural Gas and Fuel Oil Fired Power Plants

o  Fossil Fueled Steam Turbine Units

o  Nuclear Power Plants

Expertise and experience includes:

o  Specification, design, coordination, performance and analysis of ASME Performance Acceptance Tests according to ASME Performance Test Codes.

o  Design and certification of Primary Flow Meters, including ASME PTC 6 Flow Nozzles and Natural Gas Flow Meters according to AGA Report 3

o  Review and certification of electric revenue watt metering.

o  Thermodynamic Heat Balance analysis

o  Steam turbine efficiency evaluations

o  Cycle Isolation walk-downs and verification

o  Computer modeling using PEPSE and GateCycle computer codes.

o  Nuclear Reactor Power Calorimetric calculations and verification

o  Uncertainty Analysis

o  Capacity Demonstration Testing and Certification

Extensive experience with the content and application of the applicable national standards and codes, including:

o  ASME PTC 6 – Steam Turbines

o  ASME PTC 22 – Gas Turbines

o  ASME PTC 46 – Net Plant Performance

o  ASME PTC 12.4 – Nuclear Moisture Separator Reheaters (MSR)

o  ASME PTC 19.5 – Flow Metering

Services offered include acting as:

o  Owner Engineer

o  Bank Engineer

o  3rd Party Arbitration Engineer

o  Performance Test Coordinator

o  Customer witness or representative


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